Saturday, November 21, 2009

George Arrington: made for the star

George Arrington was Alabama born,
beginning his days in Greensboro
in eighteen-forty an' four.
He grew up hard, with no fear of work,
then off he went as duty called
ta' that bloody Civil War.
In Mosby's Raiders he wore the grey,
an' as a Johnny Reb
his skills continually grew.
So much so, in fact,
he chose ta' fight on
even after the war was thru.
With other greycoats
he headed south,
Mexico was still in a war.
But he signed on the side
of Emperor Maximillian,
with the outcome the same as before.
After two losses he gave it a rest,
though he soon learned
he missed the thrill of the chase.
He crossed the border ta' Texas
an' pinned on a star,
as a ranger he set a blistering pace.
He rose up thru the ranks
like a bat outta' hell,
as Captain he soon took the lead.
The entire Panhandle
was his to control,
with twenty men, guns, an' their steeds.
Whether injuns' on the warpath,
or outlaws on the run,
he'd saddle-up an' hunt them down.
An' he'd clamp on the irons,
an' bring 'um all back,
or leave them dead on the ground.
It could take a month,
perhaps even more,
ta' make a full curcuit round his domain.
Yet he an' his men
could easily track down
two score in that little time frame.
He racked up the numbers,
arrests an' convictions,
that set him apart from most all.
He took ta' the life,
an' earned the respect
from those on both sides of the law.
Even after promotions,
an' takin' the lead,
he'd never sit idle an' wait.
He'd go with his men,
or go it alone,
ta' take out the bandits before it's too late.
He did it fer' duty,
fer' honor an' pride,
dealin' justice was not just fer' show.
Even when tired
he never gave up,
he'd track them wherever they'd go.
One time a rich rustler
ran up ta' New England,
thinkin' the law would turn back.
But Arrington caught him,
an' even took care
ta' outwit the lawyer's attack.
After a decade
of huntin' down villains
he decided ta' ranger no more.
But he still wore a star
down in Wheeler County
protectin' the law as before.
This would last fer' eight years,
as he built up his spread,
then retired ta' the Rocking Chair Ranch.
But in just a few years
he was back with the law;
same star, same county, same branch.
They needed him once,
they needed him then,
but time eventually does change.
Soon came the day
the star went away,
an' he lived out his days on the range.

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