Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Beckwith Brothers: wearing tarnished tin

When yer' star doesn't shine
very few will pay you any mind.
Just ask John an' Robert Beckwith,
real brothers, an' brothers in law... the tarnished kind.
Ya' see, they were part of the Murphy-Dolan crowd,
who battled the McSween Regulators in the Lincoln County War.
In fact, both brothers took part in stoppin' an' killin' John Tunstall,
an action any reasonable person would abhor.
That was the action that kicked off the war
an' the bloodbath that followed.
Though there was equal callousness on both sides:
the souls of the combatants had hollowed.
John barely made it passed six months
from that infamous day
before he too felt the sting of hot lead.
Though not from the war,
he surprised John Jones rustlin' his herd,
an' when they both drew, Jones shot him dead.
Yet brother Bob had even gone quicker,
just shy of turning twenty.
The day Billy the Kid an' his crew were hold up in McSween's store
as the bullets were flyin' a' plenty.
In a foolish show of bravado Bob stood in clear sight,
walked ta' the store an' tried ta' arrest them alone.
He died in a hail of gunfire with a shot ta' the eye,
as the Bonney crew charged forth
over his corpse that lay prone.
Though McSween bit the dust
on that very spot as well.
Kind of makes ya' wonder
if they carried on in the after-life,
since they were both shot ta' hell.

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