Sunday, November 29, 2009

Frazer - Miller Feud: star vs. star

George "Bud" Frazer was born in eighteen-sixty an' four.
He grew up in Texas as the son of a judge.
He learned many lessons from his pa,
an' where he stood on the law he wouldn't budge.
At the age of sixteen he already knew his path,
so he joined the elite Texas Rangers.
He was strong-willed, an' wirey, an' skilled fer' the trade.
Plus fearless enough fer' the dangers.
He caught rustlers, an' bandits, an' horse thieves, and such.
Even some murderers too.
But after ten years of trackin' down scum
he told the top dogs he was thru.
In eighteen an' ninety, down in Reeves County,
he got himself duly elected.
As keeper of peace, with a sheriff's tin star,
makin' criminals feel mighty rejected.
Yet what a shock fer' the rest of the town
when he locked up his own deputy.
His name was Jim Miller, he stole an' he killed,
but the townsfolk let him go free.
It wasn't the first, nor would be the last,
that Miller had scrapes with the law.
Though most folks were honest, there are others who ain't,
an' the system still had its flaw.
Miller bid fer' the star in the next election
but Frazer won out once again.
So Miller popped over ta' Pecos
where they were happy ta' let him wear tin.
The two kept the feud goin' on account of positions,
the law would just have ta' fight law.
Especially when one was a "gun-for-hire" killer,
to Frazer that was the last straw.
The next time they met bullets went flying
an' Frazer emptied his gun.
Pert near every shot hit Miller's body,
so, of course, Frazer thought it was done.
But Miller was wearin' a breast plate of steel,
so four of the bullets bounced clear.
An' of his own shots, only one hit,
an innocent victim standing near.
They both lost their stars during the time of this feud,
although fer' different reasons.
But the feud it kept goin' fer' no other cause
than hate can transcend all seasons.
The next shootin' match, eight months from the first,
turned out pert near the same.
Two bullets in Miller, Frazer unscathed,
but Frazer, this time, caught the blame.
They put him in jail, an' gave him a trial,
then acquitted him of every deed.
Yet when Miller recovered he swore out revenge,
especially once Frazer was freed.
Miller had lost both face-ta'-face duels,
he vowed he would not lose a third.
He'd catch Frazer off guard, like a cow on the range
peacefully strollin' with the herd.
He watched an' waited til the time was right,
then found Frazer at the poker table.
Where one shotgun blast ta' Frazer's face
put an end ta' this feuding fable.

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