Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Outlaw and Unlucky Lover: James Jenkins

James Jenkins was an outlaw,
A profession he adored.
It's said that he killed ten red men,
With eight white men also scored.

Some died in Missouri,
And some down Texas way,
Others were killed in Iowa
And Cal-i-for-ni-a.

In the latter state,
Over in Napa City,
Jenkins gave his black heart
To a gal he thought was pretty.

The couple came together,
Even though she was a Misses.
He knew he had to have her;
Her heart is as dark as his is.

The unsuspecting hubby,
The poor slob, Patrick O'Brien,
Was befriended by Jenkins,
But was clueless 'bout his lyin'.

Then Jenkins let the Misses
Put him on the spot.
He would be the killer
In her murder plot.

She wanted her hubby gone.
In reality she said,
"Pull your pistol, Lover,
And shoot that bastard dead."

So Jenkins drank his courage
And did the dirty deed.
But he was caught and hanged,
While Mrs. O'Brien was freed.

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