Friday, September 28, 2012

Lovers of Myra Belle Shirley: aka Belle Starr

Cole Younger and Belle fill under a spell
that lasted many a day.
He was on the run for things he had done
so they shacked up in a cabin to play.
Soon time was at hand, he rejoined the band,
leaving Belle who started to show.
Soon out popped a girl, who she named Pearl,
and it's still thought her father was Cole.
The next man to feed, a man named Jim Reed,
a robber just like the last.
The pair up and looted, then quickly scooted,
only to find they spent it too fast.
But Reed's luck was raw, and he was slow on the draw,
and so he bit the dust.
Yet it was soon found that a new beau was around,
Blue Duck now gave Belle his trust.
Their new gang would hustle the livestock they rustle,
and some would actually say these two did care.
It was proven when Blue Duck ran out of luck
and Belle did more than her share.
He was sentenced to die, the ol' "hang 'um high,"
but Belle kept the legal fight going.
There would be no noose, he was eventually cut loose,
but for Belle there would be no knowing.
Not one to tarry, Belle would soon marry
her aka namesake Sam Starr.
But their wheelin' and dealin' got them six-months for stealin',
and their romance was now from afar.
When they left jail behind, right back to the grind,
they always sought a dishonest dollar.
But Sam would soon fall, killed in a brawl,
and Belle found another man to collar.
His name was Jim July, another on the sly,
it was obvious Belle had the itch.
She packed her own gun, joined in on the fun:
today they'd just call her a "bitch."
But a life of crime dunks a soul in slime,
and there's always victims who hurt.
So when one is despised, don't be surprised,

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