Monday, August 13, 2012

William Cowper Brann: gun toting journalist

William Cowper Brann
was a newspaper man
who seemed ta' dip his pen in acid.
His acidic editorials
caused many men ta' broil:
an' they'd swear he talked hard
cuz' his manhood was flaccid.
He ticked-off town folk
all over Texas,
first at the Tribune,
then at the Post.
But when he published his own rag,
the Iconoclast,
that's when ol' Brann
ticked-off the most.
His scathing claims
behind folks names
nearly got him roasted.
The rag was sold,
but then he got bold,
it was restarted with topics well-toasted.
Subscribers did flock
ta' the editorial shock,
they scoured it like a dime novel.
But T.E. Davis
took personal offense,
an' he swore that he would make Brann grovel.
With emotions igniting
cuz' of his type of writing,
Brann always carried a gun.
So Davis an' Brann
did an' Old West man-ta'-man:
both figured ta' see this thing done.
They drew the line
an' spoke their mind
as they stood on the streets of Waco.
Davis drew faster,
shot a round from his blaster,
an' swore that he killed the "A" hole.
The bullet drew blood,
it gushed like a flood,
it hit hard in the side an' he whirled.
Brann drew his own piece
an' four shots did release,
until Davis dropped an' curled.
Four-fer'-four with the gun
an' Davis was done:
from fair weather ta' hotter than Hell.
Brann equally died
from the wound in his side:
one acid pen caused two men ta' kill.
They say that the pen
is mightier than a sword;
but if it's ta' be wielded,
make sure you are shielded,
or you may soon spill forth your own gourd.

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