Saturday, January 2, 2010

Guest Blog Delay

     What little time I usually have to work on my own blog has been pleasantly taken up preparing a guest blog for LauriesWild West. The promotion for the guest spot appears on her site today, and it will be posted in two parts: one tomorrow, the second on Monday: entitled on "Freelancer the Western Fringe."

     As a relative newcomer to blogging, this is my first guest blog, and I am grateful to Laurie for asking me to take part. I've been a follower of her blog since I started blogging a few months back, and she is an excellent writer, a joy and inspiration, and fast becoming a friend.

     Head on over and check out the post, along with her blog: which deals a lot with westerns and other pulp tidbits. Laurie Powers Wild West

     And don't forget to check out both parts of "Freelancer on the Western Fringe" at her site over the next two days. It's a different part of me than my readers have seen up to now. I hope you find it interesting.

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