Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CHARLES ALLEN: Old West version of easy come and easy go

Charles Allen, aka Big Time Charlie,
               weren't quite big enough fer' legend,
          though he lived a few ought years of fame.
He professed many adventures;
          from gold strikes in Alaska,
                    an' battles in ol' Mexico;
          though there's very little ta' back up his claims.
Like claimin' ta' oppose the dictators Huerta an' Diaz
          while ridin' an' scoutin' with ol' Pancho Villa,
                    south of the border.
Though one thing is for certain,
          come nineteen-sixteen,
          up to the mile-high city of Denver he went,
          fer' a different kinda' lifestyle an' order.
He actually became a master pimp,
                    with hundreds of whores ta' be had.
Though he paid slave wages; in drugs, not money;
          addictin' young fillies ta' opium an' heroin,
          then rentin' them out ta' anyone who wanted a taste of honey.
Yep, he was more than just a cad.
It was estimated that he made a mil',
          though half went into the pockets of the local elected.
The liberal elite officials of Denver,
                    who found no grief
          in a city prostitution ring,
                    since they equally got relief
          upon those bouncin' springs.
But the hard drugs were soon rejected.
When Big Time Charlie made his move
          ta' sell the drugs throughout the community...
          his home an' shops were raided,
                    an' his life an' liberty traded,
          fer' a five year stint in the Leavenworth jail.
Then off to a life of obscurity,
                    probably without security,
          though history hides some truths.
Though it was probably said,
          from his release until death,
                    Big Time Charlie's got the blues.

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